Bukowa Góra

We reach this location by driving north along the Kielce-Radom road. In the town of Łączna we turn south-east and go through Zaskale to the village of Zagórze. We reach the north-eastern limits of Bukowa Góra where a large excavation site can be seen against the forest background. “Bukowa Góra” is one of the largest operating quarries in the region. It mines quartzitic sandstone that formed in the shallow early-Devonian sea (ca. 400-407 Ma). In the upper part of the quarry one can observe layers of so called “Spirifer sandstone”. They bear many traces of Brachiopod – Spirifer shells, whose quantity led to the formation of a very characteristic and distinctive rock – the shell limestone. Just under the summit, on the northern side of the hill, one can find a curiously formed row of sandstone rocks. They are preserved as a monument of inanimate nature.