Piekło (Hell) rocks near Niekłań – reserve

To reach the reserve we take the road from Skarżysko-Kamienna to Stąporków. In the village of Odrowąż, we turn north for Niekłań Wielki where a road, running just behind the last buildings, will take us near the reserve. There we will find rocks made of sandstone that create a picturesque composition with the surrounding forest. The sediment was formed in the coastal area of an early-Jurassic sea 198 Ma. The sea resembled contemporary Baltic sea. What we see are the fragments that remained of what was once a consistent sandstone sheet that lay flatly on the top surface of the local hills. Over time, as a result of erosion, especially the destructive force of wind, interesting shapes resembling smokestacks, mushrooms or church pulpits were formed. The rock belt runs at a distance of ca. 1 km and in some places reaches 8 metres of height.

When describing the age of sediment found in natural or man-made exposures we use conventional naming. To make reading  the history of the Earth easier for the reader, we present the following stratigraphic table that will help you place in time the dates of formation of the different rock layers.