Stokówka quarry

The quarry is located in the Zelejowskie range, west of the Piekło cave and south of the village of Gałęzice. It is one of the most discernible exposures in the Chęciny region. A calcite vein of the “różanka zelejowska” type had cut through Stokówka mountain exactly in the middle. It was formed as a result of crystallization from hot mineral waters that flowed through the rock cavities during the Variscan orogeny in the late Carboniferous period (299-325 Ma).

The mining of the colourful calcite has led to the creation of a picturesque gap whose height reaches 15 metres in certain places. Krast phenomena, small chimneys and rock voids filled with residual clay can be observed on the faces of the excavation. The whole hill is overgrown with xerothermic vegetation which can thrive on the calcareous substratum and very poor soil. For years, Stokówka has also been a site for practising climbing.