Jaskinia Piekło (Hell Cave) – reserve

The best way to reach the cave is to take the Piekoszów-Rykoszyn road. Midway through Rykoszyn, we turn south-eastwards for Gałęzice and after passing the eastern limits of the village, just behind the last buildings and before the forest, we arrive at the cave. It is located at the sharply sloping western ridge of Góra Żakowa, in Devonian limestone. The Piekło cave, also known as Piekło pod Skibami or Piekło Gałęzickie, is one of the most interesting karst caves in the Chęciny region. Its total length is 57 metres. On the left side of the entrance there is a small corridor that ends with a window and at the end of the cave there are two chimneys that are also connected to the surface.

At about 10 metres from the entrance, on the cave floor, there is a 1.5 m recess which is a remains of an old mining shaft. It is a reminder of the mining activities that had taken place in the region of Chęciny in the 15th to 18th century. There are plans to open the whole depth of the shaft, along with proper lighting and reinforcement. Only in the final section have trace fragments of calcite formations survived to this day. The cave floor near the entrance is covered with silt and clay dug out during mining works. Many species of bats, snails, as well as spiders, crickets and flies inhabit the cave. The Piekło cave lies within the limits of the village of Skiby and is protected by law.