Góra Rzepka – reserve

At ca. 800 metres from Góra Zamkowa there is another rock reserve - “Góra Rzepka”. The reserve includes two hills – Rzepka and Belina, together with the “Korzecko” quarry, where the southern ridge of these hills was exposed through mining. The face of the excavation that remained after mining had ceased makes for a very interesting educational site where you can observe the internal geological structure of the hills of the Chęciny region. Middle Devonian thick-banked dolomites with limestone lying in the upper floors have been exposed here. In some parts, the rock layers are unsettled by faults.

On the northern face there is an area riddled with cracks filled with white and red calcite veins with a varied structure which are of the “różanka zelejowska” type. In the years between the two world wars and after WWII up until 1963 this valuable mineral was used in the production of terazzo. The ridges of Rzepka and Belina are an area where tangible traces of the mining activity that took place here in the 14th to 19th centuries still remain. As is the case with most local hills, at first this was mainly a site where galena was mined. There are plans to open an outdoor exposition of the most interesting rocks found in the Chęciny-Kielce Landscape Park.