Szewce quarry

This excavation is located in the eastern part of the Okrąglica mountain. To reach the quarry, one has to take the Kielce-Chęciny road and turn westwards in Zgórsko in the direction of Szewce. There, just before the bypass for Warsaw, we take a dirt road south and walk to the forested hill of Okrąglica. This site is one of eleven so called “ore hills” located near Chęciny. Between the 14th and the beginning of the 20th century lead and copper ore was prospected and mined here, found in crack-vein deposits. In the Szewce quarry a unique Devonian limestone characterized by a very interesting, sand-pink tint was mined. It was mainly used for lining and flooring. Traces of extraction techniques that were used in the past can be seen on the faces of the quarry.