Ślichowice - Jan Czarnocki reserve

An interesting rock reserve with a high educational value. Located in the former Ślichowice quarry, this was the first geological reserve in Poland. It is located in the north-western part of Kielce on the western limit of the Ślichowice residential area. In the faces of the quarry, exposed by mining work, one can observe narrow banks of limestone and marl sediment that formed in the late Devonian sea (ca. 365-385 Ma), outside the Kadzielnia reefs. The perch that has been preserved between the eastern and the western excavation is under legal protection. It is here that a recumbent fold formed during the tectonic movements of the Variscan (Hercynian) orogeny (ca. 251-325 Ma) was exposed.

The structures of the fold can also be observed on the sides of the mining ramp that goes down to the bottom of the larger excavation and on its western face. Faults of various sizes as well as small caves are also prevalent here. For years, the Ślichowice exposure has been a classic site used in the education of Polish geologists. Recently, the reserve was surrounded with a comfortable walking path with vantage points and the fold on its main face was illuminated with special lights so it can be admired even at night.